Howdy Horn Honkers!

I'm Therra Cathryn Gwyn Jaramillo, writer and journalist. Observer of human nature. Hurricane Katrina survivor. Animal lover. Widow. Rock ‘n’ Roll chick. Independent voter. Organic Pop Tart with an occasional potty mouth who is unabashedly into heavy petting with the Universal Mystery.

I have been the publicist for Peter Tork of the Monkees and an arts administrator and non-profit marketing specialist with some 18 years in professional theatre administration, arts in education, plus touring music/theatre/arts, from standard stage fare to the avant-garde. I am a feature writer (arts, food, religion) and travel scribe.

I’m that rowdy British girl you’ll often find in the Deep South, the American West, or leaning over your fence talking to your dog.

I believe laughter and tears are location pins in the map of our lives.

I feel we are all connected by gravity, geography, or chance, but we are all connected so act accordingly.

Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.